Inject some fun into your Nozbe projects using Emojis

Your Nozbe projects helps you organise your tasks in an efficient and straight forward way. However some people may want the list to appear a little more playful! Emojis could help brighten up your Project names.

It’s not just your project lists that will benefit, your individual tasks will look a bit more fun too.



Does it affect Nozbe?

When using quick entry #s? No not at all. Nozbe ignores the emoji when you start typing the project name, so just enter as usual.


How to use on mobile

There are 2 really easy ways to get Emoji’s into your Nozbe Project names, the 1st is to use your mobile device as they nearly all have an Emoji keyboard that you can use. This is how it looks on iOS.

Edit the Nozbe project name then select the emoji keyboard by pressing the smiley button at the bottom of the keyboard.

The keyboard then switches to emoji. Go ahead an find a good emoji match to your project name and hit Save.

How to use on desktop

If your using your desktop or laptop you can install a 3rd party extension into a web browser like Chrome or Firefox. Emoji Input works well in Chrome for me. Install the extension using the link above.

You can then use the extension to add emojis to existing or new Nozbe project names.

Whilst not adding much productive value, it does help make Nozbe a little more visually appealing!