Pagico 7 – Pretty Productivity, limited time sale $15

If you select your Productivity app on looks alone, Pagico 7 would be a great choice. It’s very very pretty! That’s not to say it’s all looks and no substance! It’s a very powerful productivity app underneath that glossy exterior.

The 1st thing to note is there is no Web version, Pagico is 100% app based on Mac, Windows, Ubuntu, iOS and Android. This brings all the benefits of having a fully offline solution when needed. Syncing between devices costs a little bit extra with a one time cost of $9.99, they call this Pagico Plus.

There are some great features, one of my favourite is the NLP (Natural Language Processing) which works really well. Autocomplete tags and project names. Collections are another great feature allowing you to group Projects and Contacts together. Could be really useful in keeping your personal and professional lives separate. Subtasks are also available. To get the most from the app I think you will need to invest a fair amount of time in learning how to use it, as it can seem a little complex at first.

Currently Pagico 7 is 70% off at only $15 until January 11th 2016 – There is also a free trial available direct from Notes 17.