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To complete my weekly GTD® based review, I first review my outstanding tasks and projects in Nozbe. I then empty all of my inbox’s, processing any tasks, projects or ideas I have captured into relevant lists.

Sometimes I get a feeling that I may have missed something. It eludes my memory, but I know it may have been something important. Why didn’t I write it down at the time? Guess I’m human after all.

This is where a trigger list comes in super useful. It is published in David Allen’s, Getting Things Done® book, and is available as a free PDF download from the David Allen website.

It’s premise is very simple. As part of your weekly review or during a brain dump session, you read through the trigger list and capture any open tasks or project ideas that are triggered in your memory. It can be really therapeutic unloading everything that rises from your subconscious whilst reviewing the trigger list. Go buy the book for more details!

Having access to the pdf list is great, but hey, it’s 2016!

Lets create an app!

I found that viewing the PDF on my phone wasn’t ideal, so I decided to create something that was easier to use on mobile devices. I set about creating a small web app that I could use on my iPhone or iPad. It didn’t have to be fancy, but it did need to be easy to use and display the trigger lists in a convenient way.

A bit of playing around and I had a small trigger list app on my iPhone, allowing me to review the trigger list anytime, anywhere.

I’ve been using the app myself for a while and recently decided to give it a little polish and make it available to other GTD® / Productivity users. It was designed for iPhone but It should work in any browser including desktop and Android. Apologies in advance, I don’t have access to many devices for testing, it may not look 100% on all devices!

Make it an iOS iPhone/iPad web app.

On an iPhone or iPad, open the web page in mobile Safari, wait a few seconds for the page to load. Then click the share button.

Now select Add to Home Screen. (If you do this on the first ‘splash’ screen of the web page it should create a nice little icon)

Finally click the Add button.


The mobile app icon can now be found on your home screen to launch whenever you decide to complete your weekly review. All the files are downloaded to the device as you save it in this way, if you don’t have a data connection (Im thinking of all of you train commuters!) it shouldn’t stop you accessing the application.


If you hit any problems or can see any improvements leave me a comment below.


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