Nirvana productivity app relaunch?

Even though Nozbe ticks all of my productivity boxes, a few years ago I reviewed Nirvana as I like to keep abreast of new developments. Nirvana was a web based todo app, which I found to be a very solid web app that had its roots firmly set in the GTD methology. I likened it to Things for the Mac, both for it’s looks and features. Its major draw back seemed to be its development cycle, with new features taking too long and some not ever seeing the light of day. Predictable the forums eventually descended into chaos as the dev’s posts became more and more scarce.


Recently things have taken a change over at NirvanaHQ. Is it a relaunch or just an update? The NirvanaHQ web site has been given a facelift and the Nirvana web app’s look has been improved also. There are new mobile and tablet apps available (originally a weak point of the offering) and there’s also hints of desktop apps coming soon.

One to Watch?

It is encouraging to see development ramp up again on Nirvana, it was always a good GTD based web application. It’s main issues for me were away from the web version. The mobile apps were not as good as the web app and its integration with 3rd party applications was poor. If NirvanaHQ are investing in its development again, it could be worthwhile keeping an eye on how it grows in the coming months.