Unexpected Nozbe book diversion ahead!

2 words.
2 words that made my blood run cold. Refreshed Design.

Just as I was deciding a release date of The little book of Nozbe, the latest application beta (v2.5) have adjusted the whole look of the application and some other minor changes in button naming conventions.

This means I have to replace all of the screen shots and edit a few parts to make them fit with the new software and still make sense. Added to the edits that are being recommended by the kind souls reading through the current version draft versions means I have a lot to press on with!

The positives are:

  • It’s happened before I was about to announce a release date. I would have been very annoyed with myself to not ship on the release date.
  • I can make it better as I go through it again!
  • The 2.5 version looks really smart! I do use it everyday so this does please me!

It’s not the 1st time I’ve been here, the book started life in the old Olive green Nozbe days. My book was designed along the same sort of feel of that version, with Nozbe 2.0 I had to start all over again as the changes were too dramatic. Thankfully 2.0 to 2.5 is not as dramatic and the books ‘theme’ can stay as it is.

Looking forward to the next diversion as I’m still enjoying the journey!