The little book of Nozbe update

exampleI’ve been very quiet about my side project ‘The little book of Nozbe’ (and this blog!) and an update is long overdue.

You may have guessed already, it’s been slow going! Fitting writing a book around my day to day activities has been a lot harder than I imagined. With the release of Nozbe 2.0 my initial version that was 75% complete in draft form, my enthusiasm dropped as the realization of a re-write dawned on me. I had even considered dropping the project all together as I had no idea if anyone actually want to read it!

But it’s something I really want to do, I do think it will be useful to Nozbe users new and old so I have committed to shipping the book! I’ve invested in new hardware so I can work on the book during my 45 minute train commute to London each day to try and push the completion date closer by 1.5 hours a day. I just wish I could do it full time!

Here a random few very draft screen shots of the new look and feel (expect spelling mistakes and waffle!) and I would love to hear anyone’s feedback on the new look or encouragement to keep me pressing on! I hope to get some draft versions out soon for feedback.

example (1)example (4)example (3)
example (2)
example (5)