Evernote Triangle Commuter Bag

If you commute by train everyday your choice of bag can be very important. Well it is to me!! Which has led to a large number of bag purchases over the years as I searched for a bag that would cover my demanding needs.

Daily I like to carry a fair amount of things with me, a Macbook (on occasion), 2 phones, iPad, keyboard, book, cables, headphones, Filofax, cables, glasses, pens, tissues, water bottle, battery charger, umbrella…. Basically anything I might need, I like to bring with me.

It could all be thrown in a backpack, but it’s such a nightmare when you want to retrieve anything from within and lets be honest, 95% of all backpacks are ugly!

Recently I took the plunge on the Evernote Triangle Commuter bag (to give its full title), when you added the import and shipping costs it’s a very expensive bag at around £175, but it is possibly the best commuter bag ever designed and I couldn’t be happier.

Commuter bag

It’s design is exceptional allowing access to all of the contents when you unzip the flap, it also stands upright due to its triangle design. It makes a perfect rest for my iPad if I watch a movie or TV program on the train. It’s light and strong, made to a very high standard with a nylon/polyester material.

To me it’s worth the expensive price tag as it’s does make my life a little easier every morning and evening on my commute. I would of liked to have a handle added also, to allow you to carry it briefcase style sometimes, but it’s not a deal breaker at all.