Wunderlist adds calendar feeds

6Wunderkinder just announced a long wanted feature in Wunderlist, calendar feed support. You can now sync your due dated Wunderlist tasks to your calendar. Google Calendar, Outlook and iCal feeds are all supported. 

As the most requested feature lighting up our switchboard, we’re incredibly excited to be launching Wunderlist’s brand new Calendar Feed! With our latest integration, you can now get the big picture of all your to-dos with a due date, in your calendar of choice. Whether it’s managing your team’s project in the office, organizing a wedding or planning your next vacation, Calendar Feed is here to keep your life in sync.

It’s currently a little limited as it’s only a 1 way sync, no editing rescheduling your tasks in your calendar yet, however the Wunderlist team are hinting at improvements to come. 

If you want to head straight to the setup options take a look at the Wunderlist support site.