Translated versions of ‘The little reference guide to Nozbe’ now available

BrHZCqMCcAAMu7KWhen the Nozbe team asked if I would be willing to translate my Nozbe little reference guide into the 4 other languages they support I was thrilled, and also a little scared.

English is my first and only language and the thought of resorting to Google Translate filled me with dread!

Thankfully Delfina (Nozbe’s Chief Happiness Officer) and the Nozbe team helped translate the text into Polish, German, Spanish and Japanese, making things a lot easier for me and giving a more professional final product.

The reference guide is now available in the 5 Nozbe officially supported languages;

  • English
  • Polish
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Japanese

Whilst not a supported Nozbe language the guide is also also available in Swedish thanks to @MartinHaagen a Swedish Nozbe user who offered to help translate the guide. I can confirm the Nozbe community is awesome!

To download any of the language versions please sign-up for some very infrequent email updates, I can then keep in touch with you and let you know about any updates to the guide.


If you find any problems or can see any improvements let me know in the comments.

A Final note – Anyone that has already subscribed and downloaded the English version, check your email for details how to download the other language versions if you’d like them and thank you for downloading my guide!