The productive! magazine

Recently I created a ‘little reference guide for Nozbe’, a small double-sided guide of Nozbe covering the powerful features of Nozbe that can be easily forgotten, the # syntax, converting emails to tasks, using markdown in comments and the keyboard shortcuts. Why? It was something I wanted for my own reference and judging by the download numbers there are a lot of other Nozbe users who wanted something like this also.


After it’s release I was contacted by the Nozbe team and asked if I would be interested the guide being used as the basis for an article in the next issue of productive! magazine. I read the productive! magazine every month, it’s filled full of great articles and interviews from industry giants whom I have a huge amount of respect for, Seth Godin, Michael Hyatt, Laura Stack, Graham Allcott, Augusto Pinaud, Grace Marshall and Michael Slwiniski to name a few.

Now my little piece would grace it’s pages also, amazing and very humbling!

IMG_0369My Nozbe reference guide is designed to be visual, primarily for mobile devices or for printout, which made it a difficult transition onto the productive! magazine format as the magazine ‘engine’ is designed for text heavy articles.

Design compromises had to be made but most importantly the information was out there and having a link to the ProductiveWizard website for users to download the PDF version was a good compromise.

If your interested in productivity at all I recommend the productive! magazine, it’s available for free, with iOS, Android and  Web versions.

Direct link – productive! magazine issue No.21