The Little book of Nozbe sneak Preview

Here is a small sneak preview of my upcoming book The little book of Nozbe as it nears its completion. The book will show you how to apply GTD and other productivity principles within Nozbe in plain english, a straightforward book to help you master Nozbe in easy steps.

It will also contain hints and tips for more seasoned Nozbe pro’s, numerous reference sections on how Nozbe works with 3rd party applications and how best to get every last ounce of productivity from Nozbe.

The book will be available for pre-order at a discounted rate soon, if you would like to be kept up to date of the books availability please sign up for the ProdWiz Weekly email or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

If you have any suggestions for anything you would like covered in the book please leave a comment below. Thanks!

The Little Book of Nozbe proof 1

The Little Book of Nozbe proof 3

The Little Book of Nozbe proof 2

The Little Book of Nozbe proof 4

The Little Book of Nozbe proof 5

  • Tom Mueller

    Very interested to see your book – so happens I just stumbled on Nozbe today! A couple things I’d love to have covered:

1) how to implement Tickler, or at least a work-around

2) how to use Labels (tags) effectively

3) Areas of responsibility anywhere in Nozbe?

4) Why no keyboard shortcuts (or are there?)

I’d also love to be notified when your book emerges, and be eligible for a discount. But when I tried to subscribe to your newsletter with my usual email ( I got an odd error message: “Cheatin’ huh?”

    All best,


    • Thanks for the feedback Tom, some great idea’s…… in fact a glaring one I’d missed altogether! Just the kind of thing I was looking for, really appreciate you taking the time to reply!
      I’ve manually added your email to the subscriber list, not sure why Mail Chimp wouldn’t accept your email address?

      • Tom Mueller

        My pleasure, here’s my latest wish list. They’re roughly in order of importance to me, most important first:

        Be able to add tags to notes & not just projects – this is essential for me. Would allow filtering of any view…

        Search must find comments as well as the titles of notes!!

        Please add keyboard shortcuts for basic things – Del to delete items, arrow keys to move around a view, tab to jump between fields. Deleting my various test notes takes me 15 minutes! 😉

        Add group processing of notes – eg being able to delete, reassign, etc more than 1 note at the same time

        Tickler implementation – a big part of GTD for me that is *not* equivalent to a normal Calendar

        Config option to turn off “Delete?” confirmation and other warnings, elim. floating messages that won’t go away


        • Dan

          @Tom – FWIW, I use Evernote reminders specifically to address tickler functionality. Some of your other requests, I think, are being addressed in v.2.0.

          @Marcus, Best of luck with the upcoming book. I will look forwrd to purchasing it when it is available.
          I would like to more clearly understand what is and is not possible with third party app integrations. I sometimes feel these features are oversold a bit. Most specifically, I still cannot get a handle on Evernote workflow. (if you want to take this offline, I would appreciate any insight).

          For your book, I hope it doesn’t dwell too much on basics since there are some good tutorials and I wouldn’t want a rehash.

          I would like to see various ways of using the NEXT ACTIONS. I have read some user frustration in its implementation.

          Also, I think a fun appendix might be a version history of Nozbe from its inception to the current version. I don’t think their team gets quite enough credit for ongoing development where a lot of other apps tend to rest on their laurels (RTM).

          I think use case profiles would be helpful, e.g. Homemaker, SW Dev Manager, Sales guy, Freelance consultant (say a tech writer maybe). You could get very creative in the fictional profiles. “Debbie is a 34 yr old mother of three…etc.”

          Of course, @Tom’s idea of Areas of Focus is a key concept and easily addressed with current functionality.

          Again, all the best on your project.

          coach dan 007 at g mail

  • Dominique Dejonghe

    Keep me updated! Very interested in your book. Maybe get some inspiration from the Evernote Essentials eBook. Have a look here: (affiliate link)

    My GTD setup in Evernote based on Evernote Essentials eBook

  • Vlachbild

    Sounds intriguing! If you ever think about a german version, let me know … i worked for sometime as translator to german, and am an avid Nozbe user. In any case looking forward to your book!

    • Thanks for the offer I’ll definitely keep you in mind if I ever decide to translate to Deutsch!

  • Any update on this book? Earnestly anticipating it.

  • Hi. Still checking in to see if there is any update or you have abandoned this? Thanks as I anticipate your response.