TRO Trog Bar for $5 Today!

A number of years ago I signed up for a course with Priacta – TRO (Total Relaxed Organization) to help myself get organized, for me TRO eased me onto my productivity journey. TRO has it’s roots in GTD but deviates in some interesting ways that expand on the fairly rigid GTD rules of David Allen. It’s well worth a look if your looking for some structured productivity training and I hope to complete a small write up soon as it did have a huge impact on my own productivity journey.

Anyway, Trog bar was also my 1st foray into GTD software and really helped my turn work based MS Outlook tasks and emails into something really useful. If your productivity life is based in Windows Outlook Trog bar at 5$ could be a smart investment for you. Head over to the Priacta website for full details of this offer.