Quickly create Nozbe tasks from anywhere with this keyboard shortcut

Have you ever wanted to enter a task quickly into Nozbe? Just get the thought out of your head and into Nozbe with the least ammount of friction? Me too!

Nozbe + Alfred = Happiness

Alfred, my application launcher of choice allows you to launch apps and scripts with a few keystrokes. If you’ve not heard of Alfred before head over to http://www.alfredapp.com/ and download it as it’s a great time saver.

How does it work?

Nozbe has a great feature of allowing you to email tasks direct to the website. Once in Nozbe the task is parsed and placed into your inbox (or project if you specify one). It’s great for getting email tasks out of your inbox and into Nozbe.

The Alfred Nozbe scritps I’ve created (AppleMail and Sparrow versions) use this email feature also to send tasks quickly to Nozbe with only a few key strokes. No need to use the mouse to enter any task!

If your not online the email should be stored in your outbox awaiting to be sent the next time you connect your email client.

The script in use.

I launch Alfred with my keystroke, type ‘nozbe’ then the task. Add contexts, project and due date if I want (or just get the task out of your head to be processed later) and press enter. A few seconds later the task appears within Nozbe. This workflow is not only super fast, you dont have to switch to the Nozbe app or Website. Handy when your in the flow in Word or Excel!

Setup Instructions.

  • You have Alfred installed and running right? http://www.alfredapp.com/
  • Setup a Nozbe Nickname and PIN from within the Nozbe Webapp settings. Make a note of it as you will need to add the address into the script.
  • Download the version of the script applicable to you, dependent on your Mac email client Sparrow or AppleMail.
  • Launch the script and it will show up in Alfred.
  • Change the script where it says – Enter your own NozbeNickname and PIN
  • Press Save.

It should now be setup.


Launch Alfred using your key stroke and type ‘nozbe Test Task’
Check your Nozbe inbox, you should have a new task called ‘Test Task’ if not, check the Nickname and PIN in the script.


You can assign tasks with Dates, projects and contexts with Alfred as follows.
nozbe Call Jim tomorrow @context #project !
The ! at the ends make the task a starred ‘Next Action’

Take a look at the Nozbe help for a full list of commands you can use in email which also apply to Alfred.

Download the Alfred scripts

AppleMail to Nozbe Alfred script

Sparrow to Nozbe Alfred script

Hopefully they should work with Sparrow and AppleMail (The 2 email clients I have access to!) without issue. If you do have any problems leave a message below and I’ll try and assist.


  • Todd

    Good stuff! Any chance you could work up an Alfred script for Outlook 2011 to Nozbe (similar to the AppleMail script)?

    • Cheer Todd, Im not sure if it’s possible with Outlook as I dont think it has Applescript type support. (I don’t have a copy myself to test either)
      With the release of Nozbe Desktop 1.3 Mac, you can Quick Add (Global CTRL+CMD+T shortcut) to add a task from anywhere on your Mac anyway.

  • Dominique Dejonghe

    Nice tool, just what I’m looking for: I use mailplane . Also applicable? mailplaneapp.com/‎

    • To be honest now universal add is a feature of the Nozbe Mac App (Find it in your preferences) I’ve stoped using this script. Still love Alfred mind! 🙂

      Wish this feature would be rolled out to the Nozbe Windows Application also though!

  • César García

    I agree this is a very useful workflow for Alfred but I could not find the attached file at Dropbox. Could you put the file again at your website/Dropbox? Thanks in advance

    • Sorry it’s gone missing! I’ll find out why and get it back as soon as possible!

    • Hi, managed to dig them out of an old backup and they are now back on dropbox ready for download. 🙂

      • César García

        Thank you so much Marcus! I will test them and use them often 🙂

  • Daniela Baez

    only for Mac =(

    • Sorry about that! I did play with the idea of a Windows Launchy version but found it difficult to implement. I expect to see a Global Keyboard shortcut in the Windows version of Nozbe 2.0 OneNozbe in the coming months.

  • Philip Kilpatrick

    I can’t seem to make this work. The extension did not match a recently download workflow “.alfredextension” vs. “.alfredworkflow”. I changed the extension which would then allow the file to be opened in alfred but it did not show up in the list of workflows.

    • Hi Philip, I don’t use this myself anymore. Once the global add function was added to Nozbe (Mac version) I used that instead as it’s much more flexible allowing me to use #’s.

      • Philip Kilpatrick