Welcome to Productive Wizard

If you came looking for GTDWizard, fear not! You have arrived at the correct place! Everything that was at GTDWizard is available here shortly.

Why the change?

  1. The name GTDWizard suggests that the site is GTD based, which is not strictly true. Whilst GTD is one of the more recognised productivity systems in use, other systems are also available. Hence a more general Productivity title was a better fit with the direction I plan.
  2. David Co. the owners of the GTD productivity system own the ‘Getting Things Done / GTD’ trademark, whilst they have not contacted me about my use of GTD in the title I decided that it’s a conversation I’d rather avoid in the future!
  3. I’m currently writing a productivity eBook and thought http://productivewizard.com/ on the cover is better than http://GTDWizard.com/ 🙂

That’s great, so what does that mean to me?

Hopefully not too much! The old URL will forward to the new one so you will need to update your bookmark for the site, the same goes for you kind people who have subscribed through RSS.
If you’ve signed up for email updates Im hoping to move you over seamlessly.

Launch of ProductiveWizard.com competetion!

To help celebrate the launch of Productive Wizard The nice people at Nozbe have given me a 1 year account (Worth $112 / €89 / £72) to give away. Details available soon.