Outlook tasks on your iPhone

MS Exchange and iOS have played together nicely for some time except in one area, Outlook tasks. If you wanted to take your Exchange Outlook task with you on your mobile the best solution was to sync Outlook with a 3rd party online todo system like Toodledo or Remember the Milk and then use the 3rd party app on your phone. Messy and not 100% fool-proof

Appigo Todo Exchange

Appigo have released their new Todo Exchange app for iPhone that syncs over the air to your ActiveSync enabled Exchange server, without the need for any 3rd party software. The main caveat is that the Exchange server you’re connecting to is Exchange 2007 or 2010 and allows ActiveSync connections, which in a corporate environment is pretty standard in my experience.

Test your Exchange installation

Appigo has also released a free tool to test your Exchange server is up to task of connecting to your iPhone called Exchange Connection Toolkit which will save lots of 1 star reviews from people who buy the main app only to find it’s not compatible with their corporate exchange server!

More info can be found on the Appigo Todo Exchange website.