iNozbe, the new HTML5 mobile site

Development at Nozbe is happening at such a fast rate lately! Last week Nozbe announced the introduction of it’s new HTML5 mobile website and I’ve been playing around with it for a few days on my iPhone and Galaxy Note and I really like this initial 1.0 release.

The look and feel is very much like the new desktop apps and an almost direct copy of the Android version. One thing to note is the HTML5 version is faster to use than the Android version.

iNozbe is advertised as being useable ‘offline’ which is an HTML5 feature, however from my own trials on a patchy 3G signal on a train it was a bit hit and miss as the application is trying to communicate with the server before defaulting to the stored local version causing some slow down and connection issues. This is not a fault of the application itself, but it is an issue with many HTML5 applications. (I know for myself as I’m working on bringing as an offline HTML5 version too!!)

My default Nozbe application on my iPhone is still the full Macoscope App as it always available offline (Important for my morning reviews on the train!) The HTML5 site also works very well on the iPad, but there’s a little too much ‘white space’ in Landscape mode for my taste but it’s a very stable release if you do not own the Nozbe iPad app.

On my Android device (Galaxy Note) the new HTML5 is where I go, for some reason it seems to work better offline than it does on the iPhone. It’s also faster than the dedicated (still under development) Android app.