Nozbe – The best GTD solution for multi device users

For me GTD has to work across many technologies. I have a number of devices that I use from week to week which has in the past caused problems;

Apple Mac, iPhone, iPad are my chosen ‘personal’ devices and Windows PC & Android are the ‘Work’ devices I have been given to complete my daily tasks.

Now with the release of some great desktop apps Nozbe has a solution for ALL of my apps.

  • Online – Yes – Web app
  • Offline – Yes – Mac and Windows Apps.
  • Mobile – Yes – iPhone, iPad and Android.

Some apps have offered this sort of coverage before but for me they didin’t fit in with my GTD workflow;

  • Wunderlist – Too simplistic for GTD workflows.
  • Producteev – Tagging is limited between ‘projects/workspaces’ + no iPad app
  • Toodledo – No consistence between the apps as they are all 3rd party.

Now Nozbe has released it’s latest desktop apps that give full offline functionality for both Windows and Macs. I’ve covered the development of these apps a few times during beta, this 1st non beta release has improved in many areas. The 1st one that struck me was it’s speed. The developers have made a wise decision to remove animations when opening tasks that you found in the original beta’s, this means that the whole product is a lot snappier to use. Also added is the ability to sort your projects alphabetically within the App which has been an oft requested feature.

The app itself looks good on the Mac and Windows, final fine tuning has reduced the physical size of displayed tasks meaning you can see more of your tasks which was one of my initial problems with the beta’s. Some maybe ‘offended’ for want of a better word by the colour scheme, but I personally love the relaxing green hues!

The look and feel is very consistent across all of the applications, it’s very easy to pickup whichever device you have to hand and get a full experience.

Things to be improved.

Drag and Drop of tasks to assign Contexts.
Unable to preview some file formats in the files area.
Android app’s development is behind all the other apps.

Nozbe Highlights.

A good GTD framework.
Offline Apps for all devices.
Consistent look and feel.
Interfaces very well with Evernote, Google Cal and Dropbox.
Easy syncing between devices.

Nozbe’s subscription service is more expensive than most GTD offerings, which may put off many potential users . They do offer a great 60 day money back guarantee (which I used the 1st time I tried Nozbe, but then returned!) If you need a ubiquitous GTD tool Nozbe is one of the best available, whatever device you happen to be using you can be confident that you have your GTD data with you, which for me makes Nozbe worth every penny.

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