Focusbar now with added iDoneThis!

You may remember Focusbar the simple focusing app for Mac’s I reviewed a few months ago? It’s now had a great little update and now incorporates the ability to send updates to

Slow down there, I hear you cry!


iDoneThis is a simple way to keep a track of what you and your team ‘did’ that day. At the end of each day the iDoneThis servers send you an email asking “What’d you get done today?” and you hit reply and list off the things you did. Simple.

The next morning you get an email digest that shows everyone in your teams accomplishments from the previous day, allowing you to hare gratitude, celebrate accomplishments, and start a conversation with a single click in your email digest.

So, back to the Focusbar update!

Focusbar has now a new menu option ‘Send to’ which creates an email that contains all that you did that day using the goals you set during the day in Focusbar in the format that iDoneThis expects. Simple and useful!

If you already use iDoneThisFocusbar could be a great addition to your Mac.

Focusbar is available direct from the Mac App store and is $free.