Wunderkit delays, is there light at the end of the tunnel?

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76 days ago 6 Wunderkind started promoting it’s forthcoming Beta of Wunderkit, it’s advanced Wunderlist set of clients. Since then it’s gone awfully quiet from 6 Wunderkiner HQ in Berlin, but at last there is some news, but it isn’t good!

In October we felt the product was almost ready which is why we opened the waiting list then. A lot of things got changed between then and now, all of them necessary to improve the product. The current status is that it’s currently in closed beta, and as always, will go public when we feel that it’s good enough for you guys.

But there is a Beta in progress all be it a closed Beta so will it be with us all soon?

At the time of these comments we genuinely thought we were super close to releasing. Then a lot of stuff got changed in the product and the release was delayed. Sorry for not communicating this more clearly, we will strive do much better in the future. To clarify for you now, we are in the closed beta. We’re making the final tweaks, bug squishing and optimizing performance before we progress to the next stages.

I know there’s a huge amount of interest in Wunderkit and have been reading about users frustrations, 6 Wunderkinder marketing has worked really well and now that the launch has slipped (even if it’s just a beta launch) many potential users have got cold feet. Some comparing Wunderlist to CultureCodes Thing Sync solution!

Im still looking forward to Wunderkinder, but I don’t think I’ll trust my real productivity system to it in Beta form, Nozbe for now!