The best Productivity and GTD tweeters

One of my favourite Merlin Mann quotes reads;

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Joining a Facebook group about creative productivity is like buying a chair about jogging.


That was 3 years ago and it still holds a huge amount of truth, but there’s still some room for social media to improve your productivity by suggesting hints/tips and processes and for me Twitter is a great source of Information.

A few of the Productivity tweeters on the list

Here’s a quick run down some of my favourite Productivity twitter accounts, there’s a handy link at the bottom of the post to a twitter subscription list with more great accounts for your to enjoy.

– is a community driven by the shared desire to learn, grow, and discover what makes us better people. Join us!

– Beliving in simplicity while managing in the global economy

– Productivity guy. Founder of Time/Project Management app, editor of the Productive! Magazine

– Mentor people in business & life. Top biz podcast on productivity. Idealistic futurist, comedian, speaker, entrepreneur, fan of happiness, joy, and popovers.

– TechWizdom Provides insight into using modern software and programs, as well as modern holistic technology, to promote whole self growth and self improvement.

– A blog dedicated to living life to the fullest and developing simple life habits in the area of time, relationships, money, life and spiritual development.

– We show people how to manage their time and be more productive in their daily lives.

– Productivity Articles from ()

– Providing GTD productivity news so that you can Get Things Done!

– Originator of GTD, founder of David Allen Co.

– Expediting the World’s Work, Coaching, TRO (Total Relaxed Organization) , developing task management tools, and compiling a list of GTD-supporting software.

– Pieces of the productivity puzzle.

Simplicity blogger at & See 

– I help people live and lead on purpose. I am Chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers, blogger and speaker, husband to , father of five daughters.

GTDwizard twitter productivity list

I’ve created a Productivity twitter list for these users along with a number of other people / services / companies operating in the productivity sector, not the spammy self promoting twitter accounts, useful tweets that may give you idea’s on improving your own productivity.!/GTDWizard/gtd-productivity

You missed….

Did I miss you or a Tweeter who’s got some insights into productivity (Don’t forget to check the actual twitter subscription list)? Let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to the GTDWizard twitter productivity list.