Nozbe Beta 7 for Mac, Windows and Android 2.0 available now

Development of the standalone desktop apps of Nozbe has been continuing a pace and there’s been an overhaul of how it looks thats really nice, it now looks a lot more polished than the original releases. There’s a better use of colour, it all looks brighter and more easy on my eyes. Here’s a selection of screen shots.

Nozbe main view 13 Columns are still here with a nice upgrade to the comments view.

Nozbe IconsYou can now set your own context Icons, there a little small but functional.


Nozbe Boxes

There’s still no drag and drop! That was one of the things I do really like with the web app, instead you get a pop up box to select context etc, or as above the time a task will take you.


Nozbe CalendarCalendar view looks nice, it’s very easy to setup a recurring task using the pop out boxes.


Nozbe InboxThe Inbox allows a mind dump fairly easy, just be sure to hit save (or Enter) as navigating away from a half finished task cancels the task.

Ready for prime time?

I feel that the Nozbe Beta’s have reached an almost usable stage for your precious tasks, it’s the most stable release so far and seems very usable if you need an offline Nozbe app right now. If you’d like to try the Beta’s yourself you can download them from Nozbe Beta 7.