GTD Apps, just how much do they really cost?

Whats the real cost of GTD Apps?

It’s the New Year and maybe you’ve woken up today and looked at your GTD/todo list and thought it’s needs a review itself. A deep cleanse, not just a weekly review or a tidy up of your contexts, or a re-think of how to handle agendas, no. You decide you’d like to try a new productivity platform.

Cost of Ownership

Investing in GTD apps can be expensive, whether your outlaying for a yearly subscription or a one off app theres nearly always hidden costs involved. Want an iPhone app also? iPad? Android? You’d like to sync? Nested projects? Of course sir, it’s all yours for only a few $’s more…. 

So I decided to create a little spreadsheet that gives an estimate of cost for 12 months using each of the big GTD/Todo applications available today, there were a few surprises, for instance I didn’t really think that I’d invested so much money in a few apps I no longer use!

Average GTD system ownership cost

My estimate of total ownership is based on the persons needs, a fairly standard GTD’er I imagine, lets call him ‘GTD Dave’.

  • Main desktop App needed. (Or Web app if Desktop is not available)
  • OTA Syncing service needed.
  • One mobile application needed. (iPhone version if it’s available, it’s what GTD Dave has, he told me)
  • Upgrade to Pro version access power features.

This I hope gives a good view of what a standard GTD setup would cost ’GTD Dave” for 12 months at a minimun, yes some Apps do not need a subscription so they can potentially out last 12 months, but even standalone apps seem to grow and before long you get the opportunity to upgrade to Version 2.0, at a small cost. (Im looking at you Omnifocus!)

So click the table below to see the real cost of GTD applications.

The Real cost of GTD Apps

Wunderlist? Really?

I know, I know… as a GTD system it fails, but I included it as it does give an amazing sync service across lost of hardware (Linux included!) but for the princley sum of $0. No news on how much it’s big brother Wunderkit will cost, but hopefully it will give a better GTD experience.

From $0 to +$100

So how much is a GTD system worth to you? Some would baulk at +$100 for a set of tools to keep you organised, others think that less than $2 a week is a steal for any sort of productivity sanity. Personally I fall into the later, finding a GTD setup that works for me has proved priceless!

Wait you missed…..

Let me know if I’ve missed your favorite GTD app, it’s a living Google Document that I aim to update from time to time, so please let me know of any omissions in the comments below.