Nozbe Beta 6 available now

It only seems a few days since Beta 5 of Nozbe was released and now there’s another update. Mainly bug fixes but also the inclusion of a search bar is a very welcome addition.

After two weeks we’ve tested beta5 a lot and we’ve listened to your feedback. The new beta fixes many things (small bugs mostly) as well as fixes problems with foreign languages like Japanese where the input would add a task after each “enter” pressed.

New Search engine

The desktop features search engine that quickly lets you find the actions and projects you want:

Download beta6 today!

Windows version of Nozbe beta6

Mac version of Nozbe beta6

More goodies soon!

We’re currently working on several things, among others, bringing you the project editing features, seamless sync (it’s going to work like magic!) – now sync is still manual (i.e. you have to click sync to do it) and many other features. Stay tuned, we’re almost there!


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