Nozbe Beta 5 + iOS updates

Nozbe recently released another update for thier Mac and Windows apps bringing some newer features and a redisgn of the overall look and function of the apps.

3 Columns arrive

One of things I do like about the Nozbe web app is it’s 3 column approach, Projects Left- Tasks Centre – Context/Calander Right. This makes it really easy to assign tasks in your inbox by dragging tasks from your inbox onto a context, a date and a project with minimal fuss. With this release it Nozbe have started to adopt a similar type of look with 3 columns, but it’s still missing drag and drop which makes assigning tasks contexts and projects a little labour intesive currently, but development continues and it’s starting to look very nice indeed!

iOS updates

Also updated are the iPad and iPhone apps to incorporate some nice updates, my favorites being able to search and the landscape view implimented in the iPhone version. Full features include;

  • Search in project and context pickers.
  • Search tasks, notes titles and uploads.
  • Projects sorting within label fixed.
  • Sign up bug fixed.
  • DropboxSDK updated.

Android app?

No update for the Android app…. it’s development seems to be progressing a lot slower than the other formats.

10% Nozbe discount still available

If you’d like to try NOZBE you can still take adavntade of an exclusive 10% off by using the promotional code GTDWIZARD when signing up, and remeber Nozbe do offer a full 60 day money back guarantee for anyone signing up to an account. (I’ve personally used this when I first tried Nozbe 2 years ago, then returned as more and more improvements were rolled out!)


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