zendone beta begins

After what seems like an age zendone has started its beta roll out. The first sets of beta invites have gone out to a number of GTD users and the initial feedback seems positive. The beta invites seems very limited currently (No Invite for GTDWizard yet!) but they have released a zendone help page that’s coming along nicely.If you’ve never heard of zendone it’s interestingly built upon Evernote framework to give a fresh approach to GTD application development.

Zendone is a personal productivity tool based on the Getting Things Done methodology. It offers a simple, well-designed interface for implementing the GTD workflow, using Evernote for collecting and archiving projects and tasks.

  • Zendone closely follows David Allen’s GTD methodology
  • The application connects to Evernote and Google Calendar
  • Use Evernote to collect information and as an archive
  • You can also items into Zendone by emailing them to your Evernote address

If you’re as intrigued as I am and would like to be part of the beta you can sign up on the main zendone page.

Looking forward to my invite guys! 🙂