Moredays beta – A fresh look at productivity

One of my pass times includes photography so when I heard about a ‘Moredays‘ and it’s premise ‘Your life story, full of pictures’ I was immediatly intrested. It’s a webapp (with mobile apps in development) and is currently in a limited beta state. It aims to be a one stop shop for all of your task, calendar contact and notes management for your personal life – Business users will probably look elsewhere for their produtivity apps!.

Add to the mix a dash of Evernote and Social websites with some very original graphics and you have a very novel and pretty application.

Just a quick look at the screen shots you realise Moredays has bags of style and a very original feel.

To me this could be a great way to ‘Journal’ my life away as well as being a great todo and scheduling application. (Syncing with my Google Calendar is a must) I’ve just been accepted into the beta and  about to have a dig around, you could join me also by signing up here – Moredays Beta Signup

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