Is the new iPhone 4s the ultimate productivity phone?

The Apple iPhone 4s announcement has passed and another Cupertino device will be released to the public on the 14th October. To some I’m sure the device may look a little underwhelming with the hardware advances all being under the hood, but I’m intrigued with what I think was the killer feature;


For me the future has arrived today, being able to speak plain English (or German or French) and having your phone understand me will be a huge boost to my mobile productivity workflow. I mean this stuff is like the science fiction I grew up with as a kid, just take a look at this demo to get a small taste of whats it all about.

How many times I’ve had a thought whilst walking into the office listening to some music of podcast on my iPhone, having to stop and fumble around in my bag and type out a quick email with 1Tap mail to send to my task in box. With Siri it will be as simple as speaking either ‘Email Nozbe, Call Jake today’ and get an email into your Nozbe inbox or ‘Set a reminder to call Jake today’ if you use the built in iPhone apps. Email, reminders, calendar, SMS… all workable using some amazing looking AI and without needing to unlock your iPhone. With the ability for 3rd party’s to build the Siri API directly into their apps the future for mobile productivity looks even brighter!

Of course no one outside of Apple has played with it yet, so we can’t comment if it’s as good as the premise suggests, but if it is, it’s going to change everything in the mobile market place and it can only be a matter of time before the technology is introduced into Mac OS Lion!