6wunderkinder announce Wunderkit beta starting soon.

6wunderkinder are nearing a beta release of their more advanced version of Wunderlist – Wunderkit.

Not much is known about this new product, but from the latest press release it looks like it will be something along the lines of Wunderlist PLUS.

All we have to go on is a tantalizing partial screenshot that seems to show nested subtasks tasks, along with the following news from the 6wunderkinder team;

We get so many feature request every day, some of which are just not right for Wunderlist. What does this tell us? As much as we’re making task management better, there’s still a a lot of necessities that haven’t been met… yet. We’re pleased to announce that all the things you’ve wished for are coming in the form of Wunderkit – and much, much more.

So what can we expect? Well subtasks for sure! I really hope there will be tagging of tasks also! Also mention of task sharing so maybe a better integration than just sharing lists?

With an already proved backend and dedicated apps across a wide range of platforms will Wunderkit become the defacto GTD tool?

Sign up for the wunderkit beta using this link