Time to reduce my productivity costs!

Austerity seems the buzz word in the UK at the moment and it seems to be spreading around the globe. As the world continues to batten down their hatches as the approaching storm of recession approaches its time for my own productivity system to stop costing me so damn much!

Nozbe – ‘Your fired’

My yearly Nozbe renewal is due in a few months time and even with the developments that are in the pipeline, (Standalone Windows and Mac clients) it still ‘feels’ expensive. At €9.95 a month (or €89.95 if you pay for 12 month) its a large outlay, especially when compared to a lot of the competion.

Features I’m not using

It doesn’t help that there are a few major features within Nozbe that I don’t use in my workflow;

  • Online File storage – I use dropbox
  • Evernote Support – The windows too small to be useful
  • Team integration – It’s just me!
  • Dropbox support – Doesn’t fit in with my workflow

So Nozbe’s rubbish then?

Don’t get me wrong, I think Nozbe is a great product and once the standalone applications are finished it will offer one of the best suite of products for anyone who wants to use GTD on a Mac + Windows + Mobile. It will however come at a cost, onceall the products are finished I may return if Im unable to find a suitable multiplatform replacement.

Final thought on the current state of Nozbe

The web app is as dependable as ever, however with a lot of the Nozbe products in some sort of Beta state, (Windows/Mac/Android) I’m not prepared to trust my data on them just yet, I’ve had an inbox full of duplicate task once that took me a while to sort out.

So with this in mind i’ve set out to try the competition whilst Nozbe’s development continues and see If I can save myself a some money at the same time.

Next stop is…….

So where to next? I’ve been playing with NirvanaHQ.com but it’s in beta and there’s no ‘real’ mobile app. But after reading this excellent post ‘My 1st year anniversary with Remember the Milk’ I may turn my attention to RTM as it’s considerably cheaper option. Anyone else have any suggestions?