Nirvana 2 begins to leave Beta, then comes back!

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NirvanaHQ has started to transition existing users of their orignal Nirvana GTD web app to their new Nirvana 2 system signalling the end of the beta phase of Nirvana 2. Their blog reports a few issues that have delayed the roll out this past weekend but very soon all users will be transitioned to N2 and become paying customers.

We made a Herculean effort to get things rolling over the weekend, but no dice. A few too many loose ends. I want everyone to regroup and tighten things up.
Looking for the silver lining, a truck-load of bugs were squashed and there was much server-side cleanup. We’ll probably roll another build or two to prove out the code changes, but in the mean time the beta label stays put.
It’s frustrating, but prudent.

Exit beta, so it’s a finished system right?

Is a web app ever finished? I think constant development happens to all good webapps but there was obviously a pretty big issue to stop the exit from beta as detailed above. Users still await a better mobile solution for Nirvana, the dedicated mobile applications are still ‘a few weeks’ away. It’s not clear if they will be ready for when NirvanaHQ begin charging for their services, also still missing are email ticklers (as found in the original Nirvana) but this is expected to ship really soon.


To me they seem reasonable;$7 a month ($59 per year) for the full service (Beta users get an extra $10 off)and a Free service (Limited to 2 projects, 2 weeks of logbook history and filtering disabled) which seems restrictive, but should give new users a good opportunity to get a taste of Nirvana.

Will you be a early adopter?

Without even seeing the mobile app I’m going to hang back before thinking about Nirvana, the web app is REALLY good, however I need a REALLY good mobile app to accompany it for my own workflow. So for now Im going wait in the wings for Nirvana to fully emerge from Beta, mobile app and all.


Everyone Gets Upgraded to N2 – Starting This Friday!