Life after Nozbe

Life after Nozbe

Well its been a few weeks since I posted about trying to reduce my productivity costs by moving away from Nozbe as my subscription was due soon for renewal. So how’s it been? In a word…. frustrating!

Remember the Milk

Following on from the great post at I first turned my attention to RTM, the first issue I had was importing my tasks then getting them into the right contexts and projects, there’s no drag and drop like Im used to with Nozbe. If I was starting from fresh adding tasks with RTM’s excellent ‘smart add’ everything would fall into place that little bit easier, but if like me your trying to migrate a fairly big todo list I found it hard work! I imported all my tasks and then set about using the inspector frame to assign the tasks to their places, and it was tedious!! Yes I could select multiple tasks which eased the pain a little but I still found it annoying. In fact I gave up and added a task ‘Sort RTM tasks’ to come back to at another time….. but I didn’t! I also found the ‘Cow’ logo a little of putting in the corporate environment that I work in!

I must say, the iPhone app is really nice! It’s a great way to add tasks, but as I spend most time in my GTD system at PC’s I decided to try another system.

Nirvana 2

Nirvana certainly looks the part, the design is very Mac like. In fact it’s easy to forget your using a web app! Importing was a little easier

as I was able to import things into an xls and then import it into Nirvana. Being able to drag drop and drop things into contexts and projects was really useful. Nirvana is still in Beta but you wouldn’t know if you bypassed the sign up process! There’s a few things waiting to be implemented including daily email ticklers and a fully functional mobile app. Currently Nirvana’s mobile solution is a really cool html site, but it’s not reliable enough for my purposes. I really need an offline syncing solution as part of my routine is a daily review on my train journey to work and the Nirvana mobile app is not fit for purpose for me. Reading the forums at Nirvana it seems development seems a little slow of late which is leading to some disgruntled users.

Overall there’s some real potential, but without a better mobile solution currently available I’ll have to continue to monitor the progress of Nirvana.

Nozbe your hired (again!)

So here I am, returning to the Nozbe flock. It still offers the best all round solution to my own personal (complex) needs. Yes it comes at a cost, but as Michael posted in his comments “Nozbe is still priced at 2 lattes per month and it all comes down to how much time it actually saves you when you manage stuff with it. Time is money :-)” and I found Nozbe able to save me more time than the other solutions I tried.

Im still a few weeks away from my Nozbe renewal so I’ve not committed just yet for another 12 months, but with a fruitless search of some of the competition It looks like ill be sticking with Nozbe for another year.

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  • Hi,

    Is it to late, to convince you to try out Apollo…?
    It’s a pretty awesome piece of software, although I am very biased here…

    Well, it was worth a shot!

  • I’m a long time user of RTM (2 years now I think). As any, the application has it’s up and down sides. Some of the features are really like is the syntax based input (love it), tagging support and the Android client (fantastic). On the down side there is no easy way to take your stuff away if you want and no desktop client.

    Everyone is different but I’ve managed to settled down on a good routine and bend RTM to serve my needs. It’s worth noting that majority of the benefits came from better implementation of GTD principles rather than using this specific app.

    • I agree that parts of RTM would be included in my ultimate GTD application, syntax based input and tagging for sure! I would loose the stupid icon though! 🙂

  • Kim Pomares

    Can you tell me more about how you imported into Nirvana using an Excel spreadsheet? I am trying to do the same right now… Without luck so far.

    • GTDWizard

      Hi Kim, my import was very manual. I had to copy/paste each task from the xls into the Nirvana inbox, which wasn’t too bad as I only had about 40 tasks. Then I dragged them into the correct projects, which was nice and fast thanks to Nirvana’s drag and drop feature…. at least thats how I think I did it!! Sorry I cant be more help!