Wunderlist hits 1 million users, and I'm one of them.

In a very short time Wunderlist has hit 1 million users, a remarkable achievement in 275 days. Wunderlist to those that have not used it before is a simple task list client with one great pitch…. it’s has dedicated clients on all devices. Mac, Windows, Android, iOS and a Webapp.

Oh, it’s also FREE.

It has a one major drawback for my own workflow, the lack of tags/contexts. This stops me using it for GTD which is a shame, but 6Wunderkinder strove to keep it simple so have deliberately left out tags but allowing different lists.

So where do I use Wunderlist if not for GTD purposes? I break one of David Allens GTD principles, I use a 2nd todo list as another trusted system. I do limit it for one purpose though, shopping errands.

Shopping lists.

Wunderlist makes sharing lists really simple, so each member of the family has an Wunderlist account and I’ve shared a list called ‘Supermarket shopping’ and another ‘Toiletries shopping’ now each family member adds things to the list that need to be purchased, then when any of us are at the supermarket wil open up Wunderlist on our iPhones and have an upto date list of things we need. (Well, once we scroll past requests for Condoms and Beer from the youngest member of the family!!)

So, Nozbe is for my Personal and Business needs, Wunderlist for shopping lists that are shared with the family so everyone has some input into that we put in the cupboards and fridge each week. Give Wunderlist a go and see if it can find a way into your own workflow, if you don’t use ‘tags’ it could become your 1st choice in task management.

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