The best productivity podcasts to listen too.

Im really looking to everyone out there for suggestions of good podcasts to listen to regarding productivity, I have 2 favorites at the moment but I’d love to find some more. Please share any suggestions in the comments!

Get-it-done guys quick and dirty tips to work less and do more.

Stever Robbins.

Quick and humourous podcast, allways leaves me wanting more! Each one is no more than 10mins in length but it’s always imformative and useful, well worth a listen.



Back to work

Merlin Mann and Dan Benjamin.

Hmmm how do I descibe this podcast? Off the wall….? Some may find it strange but I think it’s worth a good listen. Merlin is always entertaining in whatever he does, take a look at his inbox zero video on You Tube and you’ll realise very quickly that he make a huge amount of sense regarding productivity.

Other podcasts I’ve missed?

Im sure there must be some other productivity podcasts worth listening to,  maybe an old series that someone knows about? Please share any you have come across also in the comments below!