Rework book – Mini review, its excellent!

ReworkI’ve just read a really great book that Im sure everyone would be able to find something useful when it comes to creating a startup, managing a team,  managing an established business or even just managing yourself.

The book is set out as a number of small articles or ‘papers’ all running to 288 pages in length, of the 288 pages there’s a lot of relevant (or irrelevant) art work accompanying each chapter. To some It could look like fleshing out a sparse book, but I found them interesting in places.

As I said each chapter is only a page or so long, but the wisdom thats crammed into each page is immense. I downloaded it as a Kindle book for my iPad / Galaxy Tab, but actually read about 50% of it on my iPhone whenever I had a few minutes spare in a coffee shop or waiting for a train as the articles can be consumed in minutes.

The book seems angled for people looking to create an internet startup, but actually covers a lot more ground, things and ideas anyone can use daily.

Chapter titles with selected article titles include;


Learning from mistakes is overrated, Workaholism.


Start making something, You need less than you think.


Build half not half-ass, Sell your by products


Interruption is the enemy of productivity, Don’t be a hero, Meetings are toxic


Don’t copy


Say no by default, Don’t confuse enthusiasm with priorty


Welcome to obscurity, Press releases are spam, Marketing is not a department


Do it yourself first, Hire great writers

Damage control

Own your bad news, How to say your sorry


You don’t create a culture, Send people home at 5:00, ASAP is poison


Inspiration is perishable


I’ve never used 37 Signals internet products so I wasn’t sure what to expect with the book, It’s a great read, easy and fast and full of some great advice. Get the kindle version and read it on your mobile device is my recommendation!

Rework – Amazon