Sleep and productivity using Pzizz

We all feel most productive when we are well rested, but it’s not always easy to get a good night’s sleep. In the past I’ve suffered from bouts of insomnia that heavily affected my productivity but thankfully those days are now in the past.

One tool a very good friend of mine introduced me to was Pzizz a technology based relaxation tool. Pzizz originally started out as a hardware device, then grew into software for PC and Mac and now has made it onto the medium i think the original designers dreamt their product would be used on, mobile devices both Apple and Android.

So how does it work? Some might find what follows a little hippy, Pzizz generates a random selection of relaxing sounds, voice, music and semi hypnotic noises to guide you into a relaxed state, as it’s randomly generated each time you listen to a Pzizz the session is unique. A calming voice gives you instructions on relaxing that just washes over you, helping you fall into blissful deep sleep or nap.

There are 2 versions available ‘Pzizz Sleep’ and ‘Pzizz Energize’, the Sleep version is designed to assist you last thing at night as your head hits the pillow. The 2nd product Energize is designed for daytime naps which is a great way to keep your energy levels high if you have the opportunity to take a nap in the middle of the day! I personally use Energize app on my train commute home after a tiring day. Usually I read on the way home but some days a 30 minute sleep is just what my mind and body crave! I configure the app to play a few minutes less than my train journey, I slip in my headphones on and hit start on the app and drift off for a nice nap!

Once the timer expires Im gently awoken so I don’t miss my train stop, but if the gentle prompts do not wake me, the application will give a loud alarm thankfully!

I find that when I need to recharge after a hard day in the office, taking a short nap on the commute home really gives me a burst of energy for the evening ahead.