Focusbar Updated – Less Annoyance for all!

 Im please to report that Focusbar on the Mac has been updated with a small but great improvement, a variable annoyance level. If you recall my original review of Focusbar I did like the application but for one issue; the focusbar would appear all too often even if you were ‘focused’ to the task in hand, ie in the application you should be focused on.

In the updated version you now have the option to select how annoying the application will be with 4 settings.

1. None (The focus bar is always visible reminding you of the task you should be focusing on)

2. Mild (The Focusbar smoothly glides away as your start your work, and only appears when you open another window or after approx 2 minutes. This is much better for myself, not too distracting, but enough to stop my mind wandering!)

3. High (Every 1 minute (or when you change windows) Focusbar reminds you what you should be doing)

4.Wild (Every 20-30 seconds (or when you change windows) the Focusbar appears, I think this was the original default setting in version v1)

Now the app is less ‘annoying’ Im going to be using in my workflow daily, so a big thank you to Macoscope for listening to some feedback and implementing it quickly.

You can buy Focusbar from the Mac Appstore for £0.69 / $0.99