3 big productivity apps get updated


There’s a lot going on at Nozbe towers at the moment, Beta v2 for Windows and Mac last week and now an update to the web client, and what an update it is! I’ve been using it for a few days now and I’m really pleased with its look and more importantly its performance.


The harsh green has been toned down and to me it looks more professional, I’m no longer slightly embarrassed to have it on-screen around work colleagues. Speed also seems faster, and it feels a little lighter to use. Coming soon are colour themes, but personally Nozbe should stay green I think!


Hot on the Nozbe redesign is a well overdue update for Toodledo’s web client, again things look more professional and the rather eclectic look has been streamlined, maybe a little too grey and conservative? Toodledo was my previous GTD app of choice before I converted to Nozbe so I’m pleased to see the changes as one of the reasons I moved was due to its cluttered look. I like to think of Toodledo as my backup task manager, if Nozbe ever goes away (heaven forbid Michael ;)) I’d turn to Toodledo first.



Lastly in app news is that Producteev has released a Mac client for its web and iPhone based app. I’ve not had chance to try this as I don’t have a Producteev account to play around with it. I did tinker with Producteev a while back, but found the web app a little slow behind my corporate firewall (my employers issue not Producteev’s) and found the iPhone app a little disappointing.  The Producteev Mac app is free from the Apple app store.


It’s good to see 3 major productivity apps pushing on and continuing development… congrats to all!