Nozbe 'Todo' online app for Mac

My GTD software application of choice NOZBE looks to raise the benchmark a little higher in the next few weeks with the release of standalone desktop apps for both Mac / Windows PC’s and a redesign of the web app. This will fit perfectly with my own workflow as Im forced to use Windows at work and choose to use Mac at home. The reason I originally chose NOZBE was on the strength of it’s GTD implementation and it’s Web, iPhone and iPad apps. Whilst I eagerly await desktop versions to play with I currently use the Macoscope app –  NOZBE Todo on my Mac, it’s basically an all inclusive Safari based web wrapper for the Nozbe web site. It does however have a nicely hidden option to use a ‘Custom Theme’ on the application.

One of my biggest issues with Nozbe is it’s rather dated look, the bright greens and large font make the experience less than perfect and dare I say a slightly unprofessional look.

If the ‘Custom Theme’ option is used (Under the View menu) Nozbe aesthetics improve markedly. The font changes to a more modern variant, green is used less, gradients are used within boxes and the text mess towards the bottom of the screen is gone. Yes I know that this is just cosmetic enhancements but when you spend a fair portion of your day in your todo list things like this do matter… (well they do to me!)

Here’s what Nozbe Todo looks like with and without the ‘Custom Theme’ enabled.

First is the standard view (The same as the web app view, note the clutter at the bottom of the screen)

and now with the ‘Custom Theme’ on… much cleaner!


Nozbe Todo for Mac costs $1.99 / £1.19 and for me fills the gap until the full desktop apps arrive and the redesign of the web apps is completed.