Focusbar Mac app review

Do you ever sit at your computer planning to Get Things Done and suddenly find yourself responding to an email or checking Facebook without you really noticing? Help could be at hand with a handy little MacOSX application called Focusbar.
It’s very simple but quite effective in what it does, dragging your focus back to what you should be doing.

Once installed from the MacApp store you’ll find a small icon in your Menubar that clicking reveals a small menu. You can arrange where you’d like the reminder to appear and if you’d like the app to start at login. Also from here you can specify what you want to be focusing on by pressing the Start activity. It’s best to keep the description short as it’s only there to remind you of what you should be doing, writing an article, completing a report etc.

Thats all there is to it, if you change your window focus on you Mac, ie check email/open Chrome the FocusBar immediately appears in your selected position to try and pull you back from distraction. Nothing more, nothing less, yet I find it rather useful.

One issue I do have with it, the FocusBar appears every 30 seconds. I imagine the designer thought it’s useful to remind the user what his/her focus should be, but It’s actually distracting if you are focusing on the task at hand!

I hope that Macoscope the creators of Focusbar will update the app to remove this reminder popup when you are focused on the task in hand in a update soon.

Available $0.99 – £0.59