One of Nozbe’s best features? Evernote.

Recently a friend who was looking to commit to their 1st productivity application asked me why I use Nozbe as my default ‘todo’ application. Over the years I have tested lots of Productivity software, immersing myself into the software for a few months and enjoying the new look and feel of each one. However I always return to Nozbe as It works so well my workflow. (For the record, usually I run Nozbe alongside any software I am trialling, it is my trusted system after all!)

One of the numerous reasons I stay with Nozbe is that I love the way it works with Evernote.

Evernote is where I store everything, some are task based but not all. I have Evernote notebooks assigned to specific projects but also notebooks of PDF manuals of electrical goods I’ve purchased, scans of local takeaway menus, recipes, holiday itinerary’s, drawings / paintings from Grandkids, purchased tickets, bills, receipts, gift ideas and lots more! It’s my paperless solution.

How to get Evernote’s into Nozbe

A great thing about Nozbe and Evernote is the numerous ways of getting things into Nozbe from Evernote, all of them require little setup or ‘magic sauce’ to get them to work.

The only setup you need is to setup your Nozbe/Evernote integration, take a look at to see how. (Also, make sure you enable the Evernote Reminders integration to really push how you can use Evernote and Nozbe)

Evernote note > Nozbe task

If you have a task in Nozbe that is associated with a note you have already in Evernote you can add a comment to the task, select Evernote and a number of your recent Evernote notes will appear, just click on one (or more) note to select them and attach them to your Nozbe task. If the Evernote you need does not appear in the recent list use the filter/search to find it.

Evernote Notebook > Nozbe Project

If you name an Evernote notebook the same as a Nozbe project all of those notes will appear in your Nozbe project attachments page. From here you can use them as reference for that project or turn any of them into individual tasks very easily.


Evernote Reminders > Nozbe Inbox

Nozbe has an extra setting that turns any Evernote that you set a reminder to turns into a Nozbe task. I don’t actually use reminders in Evernote except for using them like this, to create a Nozbe task. The Evernote note’s name becomes the Nozbe task name and the Nozbe task is assigned the Nozbe Category ‘Evernote Reminder’ and appears in your Nozbe inbox.

Email to Evernote > Nozbe task

I sometimes have an email I want to keep archived into Evernote, and I also want to perform an action on it so it needs to live in Nozbe. I could forward the email into Evernote & Nozbe, but there is there is a better way. As I forward the email I append the subject line with a ‘!’ and then send it only to my Evernote inbox email address. The ‘!’ indicates to Evernote that the note should have a reminder. As stated earlier, Evernote’s with a reminder are automatically created in Nozbe!

Evernote WebClipper > Nozbe Task

The Evernote WebClipper is a really useful way to ‘clip’ browser articles into Evernote. When browsing the web I can click on the Evernote clipper to save the page or article into Evernote. Once the clip has saved to Evernote I can then toggle the Reminder of the note in the ’sync completion’ pop up. The note then appears in Nozbe within a few seconds.

Keeping Evernote tidy

With all of these reminders floating around in Evernote I occasionally tidy them up, usually during a weekly review where I organise anything in my Evernote inbox into a more permanent notebooks. Whilst doing this I will remove the reminder from any Evernote notes knowing the task created in Nozbe will remain. Or if I see a note that it would be useful to have as a task in Nozbe I just toggle the reminder directly in the Evernote application.

Other Evernote solutions

Some people build their entire Productivity solution inside of Evernote. For some it’s a natural fit, but it just didn’t fit into my workflow, take a look at The Secret Weapon if this appeals to you.

ZenDone is based within the Evernote infrastructure, it’s entire backend is based on your Evernote notes. This caused me problems with the way I use Evernote as ZenDone asks you to process every note, is it a task or is it reference? Also I found the interface as a whole a little cumbersome and slow, however many people are finding ZenDone an enjoyable experience and it’s well worth a look if you are looking for a Productivity tool to built with Evernote in mind.

How do you use Evernote and Nozbe, your shared experience could help others!