Nozbe Google Chrome extension

Nozbe has a very useful booklmarklet tool hidden away in the Nozbe settings.

This Nozbe bookmarklet available in these settings is configured (hard coded) just for the account your logged into, you can drag it to your bookmarks bar and when pressed you get to create a new Nozbe task that stores the current webpage address you are currently on as a comment. Very handy when you come across a web page that triggers the idea of a task or project you’d like to do.

Introducing my Nozbe Chrome extension

I use Google Chrome as my browser of choice and I always hide my bookmarks bar as it gives me a few more pixels of screen to view websites;

Result = The Nozbe bookmarklet is hidden.

So to solve my own problem I created this small Chrome extension that gives you a button on your Chrome tool bar that when pressed launches the existing bookmarklet code. I then added an options page to manually enter your own API key so anyone can use it. Thats the kinda guy I am!

Setup instructions

Setup is straight forward. Head to the Chrome Web store and find the extension. Click the +FREE button to install.


A pop up of the permissions the extension needs to run appears, Don’t panic. I’m not a hacker collecting your browsing history, (I will leave that to the NSA)

As the extension / bookmarklet adds your current web page to Nozbe it needs to be able to see what your doing, ie to save the webpage your currently on it needs access to it. Chrome seeks permissions to do so, so click Add. (If anyone has any concerns Im happy to share the code)


Chrome_Web_Store_-_Nozbe_bookmarklet_extension 2


The Extensions options page will then appear. For the Nozbe bookmarklet code to work it needs your own personal Nozbe API key. An API key is special number that allows access to parts of your Nozbe account just by using a web address, each API key is unique to each Nozbe user so only use your own API it with your own account.

To find your own Nozbe API key, click the ‘classic Nozbe settings’ link.



A new tab will open to the classic Nozbe settings page. Scroll down to the API key (notice the Bookmarklet link? Thats the Nozbe code this extension relies on) open the tab and click to reveal your API key. This will be around 35 digits long. Copy the key using <Control C> Windows or <CMD C> on Mac.




Return to the Extension options tab and paste in your Nozbe API key into the text box at the bottom <Control V> Windows or <CMD V> on Mac and press save.

A final confirmation box will pop up, click ok and your all set.

Nozbe_bookmarklet_Chrome_extension 2


Using the extension

Click the Nozbe button when your want to create a new Nozbe task and save the web page your currently on. A pop up (the Nozbe bookmarklet code) appears. Give your task a name and hit Enter or click the Add Action to Nozbe button.




Now when you look in your Nozbe inbox (after a sync) the task will be there, complete with the web page you were on logged as a comment.



Improvements I’d like to see?

  • Update the look and feel of the bookmarklet, whilst functional it is very much in the style of the ‘Classic’ Nozbe interface.
  • Save the address as a Link in the comments. Currently the http://addresss is saved as a standard comment, Nozbe now allows you save a comment as a specific link that creates a handy thumbnail of the page. So links would look like this.



These changes would need to be made to the actual bookmarklet backend code that the Nozbe developers maintain, If only they wasn’t so busy on the OneNozbe development! 🙂