Free download – the little reference guide to Nozbe

This is something I’ve wanted to create for a while, a little reference guide to Nozbe. I hope any new or more forgetful users of Nozbe (like me!) might find this handy. It’s a little guide to the # syntax’s you can use when emailing a task into Nozbe or creating a task directly in the applications. It also lists the keyboard shortcuts and some basic markdown you can use in Nozbe comments.

Nozbe Reference guideBest of all, it’s FREE to download and print out yourself, just sign up for the Productive Wizard newsletter to get the latest news and details of ‘the little book of Nozbe‘ release date and we will send you copy.

I’ve already been asked if there will also be some high quality printed versions available? News to follow!

If you find any problems or can offer any improvements please let me know in the comments.

  • Hi Marcus – Your guide looks very cool. I noticed that you did a review a while back on NirvanaHQ. I wonder if you are interested in taking a look at the new Task Management service that I have been working on called. – I’d love for you to take a look. You can find out more at our blog

    We utilize a outline view, kind of like workflowy but have added all the essential GTD features on top of the outline. The result is product with unlimited levels of projects and tasks that is very easy to use.

    Right now sign-up is free. I’d love to have you take a look. Thanks!

    • Hey thanks for the heads up. I’ve taken a quick look and your product looks really good. I’ll certainly sign up for an account and possibly do a post soon.

  • I tried signing up for the newsletter, but I received a wordpress error that read “Cheatin huh?” Odd, but wanted to share that the subscribe button didn’t work for me.

    • Sorry about that Donna, that normally happens when MailChimp thinks you are already subscribed? I will email you a copy direct.

  • Andreas

    Hi, I signed up as well for the newsletter, but didn’t get any email with download information, I’m interested in the Swedish Nozbe guide, could you please help me out?

    • Hi Andreas, not sure what went wrong but I will email you the link to the downloads.

  • leah

    I also signed up for the newsletter but haven’t described the link to download the nozbe reference. Lmswearengin@gmail com

    • Hi Leah, I sent the link to your email. Not sure what went wrong with mailchimp.

  • Keith

    I need the link as well – I followed the one I was emailed but I could not get a clean pdf version to print it would show the main page – Thanks

    • Hi Keith, Sorry you having a problem with the download. Which version were you downloading from ?

      If needed I can send you a copy direct.

      • Keith

        I finally got it to work