Wunderkit update – Good news!

At last some firm details about the much vaunted beta launch of Wunderkit, the blog post updates us all on what’s been happening behind the scenes at 6Wunderkinder (They’ve been working hard on Wunderkit), why they missed their 2011 beta ship date and it also gives a few more hints as to what to expect.

Wunderkit looks like being a great productivity tool especially if your part of a team, still no word on tagging (except for tagging people). They talk about keeping the simplicity of Wunderlist and building upon that, which will appeal to many…. but I can’t see any love for GTD practitioners.

Any, keep an eye on your inbox if you’ve signed up for the beta, Feb 2012 should see the next step of 6Wunderkinders amazing rise in the software productivity arena.