Do Better with Asana Book review

I’ve always been intrigued by the productivity app Asana but I’ve never invested any substantial time in it due to it’s perceved complexity and it’s ‘team based’ focus. My own Productivity management needs are at a single user level 95% of the time and Asana seemed overkill for my own day to-day use when I […]

Wunderlist adds calendar feeds

6Wunderkinder just announced a long wanted feature in Wunderlist, calendar feed support. You can now sync your due dated Wunderlist tasks to your calendar. Google Calendar, Outlook and iCal feeds are all supported.  As the most requested feature lighting up our switchboard, we’re incredibly excited to be launching Wunderlist’s brand new Calendar Feed! With our latest integration, you […]

Translated versions of ‘The little reference guide to Nozbe’ now available

When the Nozbe team asked if I would be willing to translate my Nozbe little reference guide into the 4 other languages they support I was thrilled, and also a little scared. English is my first and only language and the thought of resorting to Google Translate filled me with dread! Thankfully Delfina (Nozbe’s Chief […]